Thirteen year old Conner Shea is heading into his first boxing match, this Saturday, November 17th. The event is The Holiday Brawl 2 and will be held at Berwick High School and features Zapata verses McFadden as the main event. Shea trains out of Rocky Boxing Club and is coached by Leo Talanca. FSM caught up with Shea to learn about his experience training in the sweet science.

What motivated you to start training boxing?

Boxing legends Muhammad Ali and Vinny Pazienza are my inspiration. I started about a year and a half ago. I like getting in shape and getting a reputation in other towns.

What has been the most challenging parts of training?

Everything is challenging because I work my very hardest to make it that way.

What other sports have you done and how does boxing compare to those?

I have played basketball, baseball, football, soccer, wrestling, and cross country. Boxing is by far the hardest sport I’ve ever played.

What are you expecting from your fight?

I’m expecting good results because I work hard and I do everything I can to make sure it’ll be successful.

What do you want to learn the most from this experience?

I want to learn how to conquer anxiousness before the fight.

What is the thing your coach tells you the most when you are training?

My coach tells me to work hard and I am and it is affecting my strength and speed a lot.

Who do you want to thank the most for helping you learn and prepare for this contest?

I’d like to thank everything who’s supporting me; my trainers, my friends, and God.