Meghan Williams (0-0 kickboxing) is both a student and a teacher of the fight game. Williams started training at Stout Training in March 2015 and has been there ever since. She now works full-time at the gym; she teaches a few classes and works the front desk. Williams has earned a blue belt in BJJ and took gold at the IBJJF Atlanta open earlier this year in May. She also has MMA experience; earning a victory this past June. While Williams may have set a busy pace for herself she has no thoughts of slowing down. “I have plans to compete every month for the rest of the year.” You can catch her in action verse Marija Kelly (1-3) October 13th when she fights on Stout Fights Muay Thai 3.

What have you learned from your 4 MMA fights?

I’ve learned a lot from my MMA fights. Every opponent brings a new challenge that I have to meet and overcome so these fights always feel like an incredible opportunity to grow as an athlete and person. I feel pretty comfortable on my feet and I feel pretty safe on the ground for the most part. I’d say wrestling and cage work is what I’m focusing most on right now but I’m working every day to make improvements everywhere.

What led you to first start training BJJ?

I actually started off with Muay Thai and only started training BJJ several months later when I decided that I wanted to fight MMA.

How has your BJJ Journey been?

 My BJJ journey has been pretty amazing so far! I’ve learned so much about the sport and myself and I’m still learning everyday which is the best part. I love to learn and to be challenged and jiu jitsu gives me plenty of that.

What was your experience like in participating in the Pro BJJ event this summer?

The BJJ super fights were a lot of fun and a great experience! I would definitely like to do more of those in the future. I’d love to get on a fight to win card once I get my purple belt. The Stout Fight match in June was great but it was the third weekend in a row that I had competed so I didn’t really feel like I did my best. I still had a fun match with a talented opponent though and I got to watch all my friends compete so I had a great time.

What is motivating you to take your first kickboxing fight?

 I’m just always itching to fight and to compete. It was my goal to compete at least once a month this year. I’d been trying to get on our Muay Thai show before but was either injured or unable to find an opponent. This year it all worked out and I’m really excited to show off my hands without worrying about takedowns.

How has the training been different preparing for this fight then preparing for MMA or BJJ?

Training is different in that I’m doing more Muay Thai than BJJ right now but I’m still training about the same amount as I do for any competition.

What is the favorite coaching advice you’ve ever received?

That’s a hard question. I’ve got great coaches and they give me great feedback all the time. I guess the best I’ve ever got was probably right before my first fight I was super nervous and my striking coach Will Morill just told me to go out and fight and have fun and that’s what I did and what I’ve been doing ever since.

Who has helped you prepare for this fight?

Shoutouts to my coaches; Warren Stout, Mike Wilkins, Jonas Rubiano, and Will Morill. Thanks to all of my training partners who give so much of their time and energy to help us all get ready for this fight. The biggest shout out to my parents Michael and Michele who have always supported me and cheered me on at every competition since I was a kid.

Doors open at 6pm at the Printscape Arena at Southpointe. General admission is $30 and ringside $50.