Jamie “The Storm” Driver is switching gears as she steps into her professional debut Muay Thai fight this Saturday for United States Kickboxing Alliance (USKA) in Allentown, PA. Driver is no stranger to athletic competition as she has experience playing field hockey and lacrosse in previous years. She is also no stranger to the fight world, having both amateur and professional MMA experience. Training out of MPR Endurance MMA, Driver took time out of her fight week to share about her preparation and mindset for the upcoming event.

When did you first know for sure that you wanted to pursue a professional career in fighting?

It was after my first amateur fight that I knew I was going to one day become a professional fighter. The feeling of fighting was and still is addicting to me.

What did you learn from your most recent fight that you are applying to your training camp and fight this time?

What I learned from my last fight camp and fight is that I needed to have more structure in my camp with a strong and intense regiment. So this camp, every day was scheduled out with specific training, along with my nutrition.

How are you feeling going into your pro debut of Muay Thai?

I’m feeling great. I started as a striker, so it’s definitely where I’m most comfortable. Since switching gyms and joining MPR, it finally gave me the opportunity to be a real martial artist. I get to fight and compete in a lot of different arts, which is what I always wanted to do. So I’m really excited to show off all the tools I’ve learned over these last few months.

What has been the main difference between training for this fight versus training for your previous MMA fights?

It’s definitely very different. It’s a little bit more one dimensional in the fact all I could do was just stand up training. I’m absolutely in love with wrestling so it’s been tough not going to those practices; but it’s been great because my hands definitely were lacking with always training different styles all the time, so it has given me the opportunity to get my hands back and my striking is now stronger and better than ever.

What do you like most about being a professional fighter?

What I love most about being a professional fighter is honestly everything. From the hard training and learning new skills and techniques constantly to stepping into the cage and fighting. I fell in love with the whole process of being a fighter.

What has surprised you the most in your professional career?

Nothing has surprised me too much thus far. I’m still really early in my career so who knows what can happen. The training is definitely a lot harder than when I was an amateur, but I expected that and it’s exactly what I wanted.

What advice do you give to fighters just starting out in their career?

I always tell new and up-and-coming fighters to be patient with the process. It’s not easy and not for the faint of heart, but if you work hard enough and stay consistent it will work out. You just have to stay the course.

(Banner Photo Credit: Jamie Driver)

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