Philadelphia fighters are notorious for being gritty and relentless, and 24-year-old Sean Brady is no exception–his impressive 6-0 record is proof of that. Brady’s most recent victory at Cage Fury Fighting Championships 65 came by way of first-round guillotine choke, earning him the title of CFFC welterweight champion. We had the new champ reflect on his preparations for the event and what might be coming next in his exciting professional career.

MMA fighter Sean Brady
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Fighting Stance Media: This fight was your first title shot–did anything feel different going into it?

Besides getting ready for more than three rounds, no, I didn’t feel any different–I treat every single fight like it’s the biggest fight of my life, no matter if it’s three rounds or five rounds. My key to victory was all of the preparation I did leading up to the fight. I don’t know many people who train as hard as me; I put 100% of my focus into my fights and for this one it was 10 weeks of training three to four times a day, every single day.

What is something that you have been working on in training camp that clearly showed in the fight?

I’ve been working on my striking a lot lately and I didn’t really get to show too much of it like I thought I would…We ended up on the ground relatively fast and I got the submission finish. I work on my jiu-jitsu almost every day so I was very comfortable on the ground as well.

Who are your main coaches that helped you get ready for this? Did they offer any words of wisdom that stuck with you during fight camp?

My coaches–Daniel Gracie, Rami Ibrahim, Julio Rosario, Jonavin Webb, and Jaron Ennis–all tell me just to believe in myself like they do, and if I do, I can beat any 170 lb. fighter in the world.

Sean Brady MMA fighter
Source: Instagram @_s_brady

What does having the support of former 170 lb. CFFC champion Jonavin Webb mean to you?

It means a lot; he is a very good friend, training partner, and coach. He has so much knowledge about fighting and how to prepare game plans for fights. When I first started training with Jon, he was right about where I am in my fighting career and I was still an amateur. I have learned so much from him over the years. I am very lucky to have him in my corner.

What did you learn about yourself in winning this title that’s going to help you in your future fights?

I learned just to go out there, have fun, and not overthink it. It’s just a fight, it’s something I do every day. I just have to treat it the same way I treat training and I will go very far in my career.

Any ideas about what’s coming next for you?

I am looking to defend the belt in September.

Sean Brady MMA
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